Hi there! I didn't hear you come in...

Welcome to my portfolio! I’m Dan Fulcher, in case you missed the arrogantly sized logo in the header.

I've been doing web design and development since 2012, when a spider bite left me with an eye for design, a hunger for code and the most amazing glutes the world has ever seen! Since then, I've had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of websites, with a multitude of clients, and hone my skills to become the ultimate UX designer and front-end developer!

If you're after a nice looking site that gets results, I'm your guy! I'm passionate about good design, and through experience, I know what the user wants to see and where they expect to see it. I use this to create a site that flows and effectively uses call-to-actions to get the results you want from your project.

As the famous saying goes; With great design, comes great user journey.

After a meeting to understand what exactly you want your site to do, I'll provide you with various user journeys, wireframes and design ideas for your project.

Although no one ever sees the code, I still write it like a boss!

Once you've settled on a design and a route that you would like the user to take, I'll start building your site. Using the latest coding standards and making sure it works well on all devices.

"But Dan, what if i want to edit the content or make changes once the site's live?"

Well, generic reader. I've got a wealth of experience building sites for content management systems like Wordpress. So you can do that thing you asked about!

Take a gander at some of my latest work...

Scuffs. Mobile Cosmetic Body Repairs

Scuffs - Mobile Body Repairs

Scuffs is a cosmetic auto repairs company in Essex. Going where they're needed and removing scratches, scuffs and dents. They also do complete resprays, windscreen repair, upholstery etc. But enough about them, let's see what I did for them!

I was asked to build them a website to give them an online presence, as they only advertised by word-of-mouth at the time. I'm really happy with the end result. It has a sleek & modern design, clear layout and the information is nicely laid out, with call-to-actions in every section.

Charlie and Bride's Wedding

Charlie & Bride's Wedding

A friend of mine got in touch and asked me to design him an online invitation for his wedding. But didn't go as far as to actually invite me... What gives, Charlie!? You think you're better than me!?

There was no real call-to-action for this site. Just a place where guests could find all the information they'll need for the day. So the site tells a story, going through the days events from the ceremony to the nearest hotels that the guests can stay in at the end of the day.

Like what you see?

If you have a project in mind and are interested in working with me